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“Our company is ICSC Agricultural product, it’s from Southern part of India. We would like to express our gratitude to UzFood organisers, to Uzbekistan government and Indian government. We met visitors from different sectors – they are really interested to buy our product, to process it and sell it to end customers. It’s so good that we have already contracts using UzFood!”.

“We are Nefamak engineers. We have participated in many exhibitions over the past period and we can safely say that UzFood is one of the most efficient exhibitions for us. Uzbekistan is a very attractive market, and thanks to this exhibition we have the opportunity to offer our technologies. We are satisfied with the organization of the exhibition, many leading brands are participating, we meet professional visitors”.

“Hello, we are partners of Iteca Exhibitions in the Russian Federation. During quite many years we bring delegations from the Russian Federation to participate in Iteca Exhibition’s events organized in Uzbekistan. Today, we have brought to UzFood, which we rightfully consider a landmark exhibition in the food industry, completely different companies from Moscow region. We are looking forward to finding new partners in Uzbekistan for our companies. For my part, I would like to thank the organizers of the exhibition for their constant impeccable quality of organizing the events: from inviting companies to organizing the event itself. Everything is, as always, is at a high level, and we extend our big thanks to the organizers”.

“Good afternoon, I am from Belarus, and represent the Oshmyany Meat Processing Plant. The main purpose of our visit to Uzbekistan is to establish relations with the purpose to supply our meat products. Therefore, we were very interested to be here, at the exhibition. On the first day there were many participants, our ambassador also visited our stand. There was a round table meeting and many issues were discussed. Tashkent is a very hospitable city, we really liked it. It’s a good place to live, a good location for the exhibition. Everything is well organized, at a decent level. We have everything that is necessary for work, for meeting guests and for holding a presentation – thank you”.

“Hi, my name is Sevara. I am a representative of JV Ferghana France LLC. Our plant is located in Fergana, Uzbekistan. We produce fruit and grape wines and cognac drinks. I work as a commercial director. It is not the first time when we participate in the exhibition. The exhibition is going very well, at a high level. The organization is also at a high level. We had visitors from Russia, the major distributors. We held a meeting, the results were positive, and next month we plan to ship our products to Russia, to St. Petersburg.”.

“Good afternoon, my name is Tomas. I am a Commercial Director for the region responsible for sales in the market of the former Soviet countries, except for the Russian Federation and the Baltic countries. We are at the Trepko stand. Trepko is a Danish company, but its main production facility is located in Poland, Gniezno. The exhibition, in our opinion, is very fruitful, we found many new contacts, yesterday we received delegates from Tajikistan. This makes it possible to find partners in the markets where Trepko has not yet been very popular. All arrangements are just excellent, everything is at a high level, I do not see any shortcomings”.

“Hello, my name is Badriddin Nazarov. I represent UzCalsberg at this exhibition. Our products include Sarbast, Tuborg and Baltika beer brands. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the organizers, as they have provided us the opportunity to present our products to the visitors. Direct communication with our customers is a very positive feature of this exhibition. The exhibition has been very dynamic”